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Cloud Computing, or cloud computing technology is an expression formed in mid-2007, representing “service models that enable users to access shared computing resources (such as server, application, storage, network services) through easy network connection, anytime anywhere as required. Computer resources enable users to create or cancel quickly without the intervention of service provider. ”

In this new and promising market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has enjoyed great successes in the past decade with its wide vision, proper strategy, excellent staff and a great growth ratio. However, although AWS and its supporters may offer reasons for AWS to be an excellent leader in the industry, it is the fact that only Microsoft is the company that can deliver the product with high application in business and bringing more benefits to customers through computing technology most. It can be explained why in the Top 10 Cloud Wars rankings, Microsoft is ranked first and AWS is ranked second. While Amazon was busy to help more than 10,000 companies to reduce IT costs and accelerate core processes, Microsoft and its Commercial Cloud products and services have become a great key to improving the application of digital technology in any industries around the world.

To explain why Microsoft is so dominant more than Amazon, we’ll enter into the following issues:

  1. Revenue:

In the first quarter of 2017, Amazon announced that AWS had expected annual revenue of more than $ 14 billion. Meanwhile, with the same time and computing method, Microsoft’s CEO-Mr. Satya Nadella gave the figure of “over $ 15.2 billion.” Thus, in terms of revenue, Microsoft won with a revenue difference of over $ 1 billion.

  1. Package products:

Although AWS dominates Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), its Platform as a Service (PaaS) has been operating in the initial period. It does not operate much in the Software as a Service (SaaS).

On the Microsoft, the company has been operated strongly all three parts of cloud computing. This is a significant advantage, although there are some experts speculating that each field must be rated separately. Clients’ senior manager often spends a lot of money for a package product to avoid taking lots of money in finding and assembling different parts from different sellers.

In sum, customers have preferred Microsoft products because of its consistency and transparency.

  1. Vision in the future:

Repeatedly, we would like to affirm AWS’s current achievements are extremely impressive. However, Microsoft, with the leadership of CEO Nadella, is the leader with best effort and do not ignore any part in the computing technology, reflecting through the variety of products and services: IoT sensors, telephones and hundreds of millions of PCs, servers and data centers.

Microsoft not only understands but also recognizes the diverse needs of its customers, helping them without having to work with hundreds of different computing service providers to buy hundreds of service packages, which will require thousands of people to install, manage, protect and maintain.

  1. Handle the largest amounts of data:

In an interview, Nadella shared the general reason why the world’s largest shipping and logistics company named Maersk has changed its business to Microsoft Cloud, specifically based on Cloud to manage its operations for 1000 transport vehicles in 1000 countries. “Currently, Maersk has been used Azure to transfer the digital line management and commercial transactions. Intelligent Services in Azure provides intensive and per-second updated analysis of the performance of the shipper as well as the tools used in association with illustrations of real digital diagram. It can help them to cut costs if needed and generate new revenue. ”

“With a company transporting up to 17 million containers a year, the quick reaction capability means it earns $ 10 million or nothing. This is a perfect example to prove power of the combination of 3 computing technologies subject to our ownership in digital transfer. ”

  1. Receive advanced technology to help customers digitize:

In fact, while most large corporations have been talking about IoT and its excellence, only a few corporations have been combined (a) a complete and unified strategy of what Customers desire to operate in IoT and (b) a complete set of products, technologies and services to bring that strategy into reality.

In which, Microsoft is headed by IoT Central, accordingly, Nadella is “the first SaaS product to offer end-to-end business solutions of all sizes to manage the entire IoT system across devices, cloud computing, networks and software.”

  1. Operate in many business lines:

In another interview and in late January, Nadella said another example of Microsoft’s strength in supporting all levels of digital assets, particularly Mars Inc., one of the largest food manufacturers in the world with a value of $ 35 billion. After installing Office 365, Windows 10 and receiving good feedback, Mars decided to take a big step in manufacturing applications in computing technology with “running large amounts of important work on Azure, including inventory management by Azure IoT. “Mars, along with Maersk, has become two models of Microsoft’s ability to support companies of all business lines.

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