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Cloud Storage is really secure for your data

Cloud Storage is a form of online service that allows users of their service to remotely store, manage, share, and back up their data. In recent years, this tool has become more popular. It is believed to be really secure for your data. Why’s that? Let find it out in this following article.

Cloud Storage is really secure for your data

1. Cloud Storage provides a backup of each file.

It means that you will always have a backup of the file on the cloud service that you are using.

Computers have to face many problems. These risks are difficult to predict, so your files are always at risk of losing without any way to recover. Cloud Storage can completely overcome that risk almost 100%.

But the problem is that if you just create a file somewhere on your PC and then upload it later, you still face some risks. Instead, you need to make the habit of saving files directly to the cloud. In case you accidentally deleted the file, it can be recovered with Cloud Storage thanks to “trash” function that still save your deleted files for up to 30 days after the complete removal of them.

Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and many other Cloud Storage services have applications for you to install on your computer, they even have a separate folder. Make your personal folder a place to store your data on a regular basis. It doesn’t waste more your time than normal because the application installed on the computer has a very fast save speed.

2. Multiple versions of files

Cloud Storage retains multiple versions of the file, called versioning. Once a file has been uploaded to the cloud, it will be the first version. When you open the file for editing and save, it becomes the second, third, fourth version … Suppose you accidentally misuse the document, instead of manually editing, you just need to restore it to its previous version. The problem is solved in some seconds.

Versioning will be also useful when your file is destroyed by malware or is encrypted by ransomeware. Malware breaks the file by changing the internal data bits and then save this version. At this situation, the cloud will recognize and when the errors occur, you just restore back to the old version. Similarly, ransomware encrypts a file that creates a new version of the file itself or erases it from our computer. In this case, just restore the file after all the ransomware and malware are clean.

3. Syncing files between multiple computers.

If you create files in the home machine, the company can still access easily. If you do not have the cloud and your home computer is off, you almost have no way to get the data unless you copy these files to the USB drive. You can also send files by email, but obviously, this takes time, that is not convenient, even more difficult to manage than the directory function is very clear.

This function also helps you have multiple backups on other computers more easily. It is really useful when your files are heavy.

With 3 characters listed above, Cloud Storage is a great tool that ensures the security of your files. Uploading your data immediately on Cloud Storage is a good habit of each computer user.

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